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Predict It

Data-driven insight is our purpose. Using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, our data scientists develop models to address your most pressing business problems. These models can be incorporated into live, interactive applications or can be built into static products. Our solutions are fully tailored to your needs.

Visualize It

Explanation is our function. We deliver applications and products that translate complex statistics and massive data into intuitive and interactive interfaces. We go beyond traditional business intelligence, presenting you instant insight.

Own It

Delivery is our mindset. An engagement with CloudFrame culminates with a product that you own. Whether it’s a full-stack application deployed on your infrastructure, a serverless web-app running in the cloud, or a report generated monthly, you’ll own the data, the model, and the code. Our solutions are customized to your needs. Learn more.

Our Story

At CloudFrame, we’re changing how enterprises use data to inform their decisions. We have decades of experience applying data science and big data methods to real-world problems. We’ve worked in many sectors, including the Defense, Intelligence, Logistics, and Cyber domains; using massive data to inform critical decisions.

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